So… Why Y2K?

The Nostalgic Appeal of the Year 2000

So… before the why, let’s answer the what. 

The original Y2K aesthetic emerged around the very end of the 1990s through the beginning of the 2010s. Y2K, short for Year 2000 is an aesthetic group that includes everything from shiny, striking, and colourful designs. Think Cheetah Girls with a dash of Mean Girls. The basic and broad description of this era entails a lot of accessories such as statement hats, bags, belts, boots… often all in one outfit. “More is more” is the main mindset when it comes to Y2K styling. 

The resurgence of Y2K is interesting, although expected, twist to the counterpart trend that occurred in the 2010s which revolved around minimalism due to the 2008 recession. With Gen Zers entering their early 20s, the nostalgic appeal of the early 2000s reached its peak. Young adults entering the real world with adult money control the scene of fashion and popular culture trends. 

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