Well, hello there!

My name is Edelweiss, but before you get confused as to how to pronounce that, you can simply call me Elle.

So, what is letter elle? It all started when I have introduced myself to a group of people as Elle and they all collectively replied “like the letter?” To which I simply replied with a laugh. It stuck with me to the point I used it as a social media handle. I liked how it was a play on words and reminded me of fond times. Also, @/ellechua was also taken so I had to compromise.

Like many others in the last few years, I have been feeling greatly uninspired. I have lost motivation to create content and share about things I love. Staying in my bedroom for 236 days straight did the absolute worst on my mental health. Being stuck at a time wherein you are supposedly at the most exciting and adventurous time of your life killed the creative in me.

LetterElle is going to be more of Letters to Elle, A series of “letters” that I will send to be past and future self to ignite the passion and drive I have in times I need I need it. And in this journey, I will bring you along with me.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire others in ways I wish to be inspired.

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