Peer Review – Genevieve Gignac

This week for our PUB 201 course, we were asked to “ a review of what the articulated “professional self” is and whether the materials on the site reflect that “self” of a peer’s website. 

Genevieve’s Homepage

Genevieve’s website is a professional portfolio to showcase her experience and services in copywriting, social media management, marketing, and special events. 

Genevieve’s homepage is an eyecatching and formal color of blue and white themes. This colorway is consistent with the website and her branding. Her choice of the website’s layout, colors, and the different media present on the homepage gives the audience, and potential clients, an idea about the professional work she has done. It is formal yet playful in a way due to her choice of light colors. Her header also gives away her proficiency in photo editing and graphic design skills, which is important given that she’s using her platform to market her services.

Genevieve’s Publication

Her writing tone, based on her recent publication on the School of Communication’s Communiqué Blog linked from her website, is professional and straightforward. Her tone is confident and closing, with no added clutter. Her use of a question to support a topic within her article creates the essence of engagement between her and her reader. With that being said, Genevieve is well aware of her audience and the voice she needs to use to reach them. In Seth Godin’s Tribe Casebook (2014), he mentions how successful people have learned to define their own place in the social order. This includes utilizing the tribe to create their desired experience within it. As young professionals, individuals often do not know the basics in the professional world. Genevieve empathizes with that experience as she may have had gone through the same conflict, or trigger, to convey the personal tribe that lives within her.

Comments and Recommendations 

Genevieve’s website layout is already well-organized. I am looking forward to more content from her in the near future. Reading from her vision board and short post, her branding is consistent and cohesive so far with the clean and welcoming essence of the website and content. I would like to comment and admire the “why” or the purpose of her blog without explicitly expressing it. With her clean and straightforward palette, the user experience is seamless within her site. However, given that Genevieve’s website is still in the early phase, it would be best for her, in the future, to stick to a writing tone to keep that connection with her tribe. As a professional offering service, one should be able to stand out from the rest. In this sense, Genevieve should explore her brand and consider how it is different from her competitors and why potential clients should choose her for her writing services. 

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