Peer Review 3

Like the last review for our PUB 201 course, we were asked to “ a review of what the articulated “professional self” is and whether the materials on the site reflect that “self” of a new peer’s website. 

For the third and final peer review, I was tasked to take a look at Hannah’s website: HannahElizabethJ

Hannah’s website is a professional website to showcase her portfolio and experience in social media content creation. Hannah posts fashion and lifestyle content in her hometown of Vancouver, B.C. Hannah shared her backstory on her homepage to show her growth throughout the years as an influencer. She shared how she started her account in November 2020 at 900 followers and has since grown it to 34.8K as of today, March 25th, 2022. This is a great way of storytelling as it hooks the attention of her readers and makes her website more credible. It follows the typical “success story” trope we often see in brands’ to appeal to their audience. Moreover, considering that Instagram is her primary platform, Hannah’s website is significantly lacking in content. However, looking at her latest posts on Instagram, her engagement or likes are very impressive! Her Instagram posts and feed are cohesive in terms of the colour palette and theme of the photos. They are bold yet neutral at the same time. 

Her website, on the other hand, also presents the same themes with classic fonts that are easy to read and navigate. A suggestion I would make is to categorize her posts and add a drop-down menu for them rather than placing them on the primary menu bar. Seeing as she only has the Peer Review 1 up as her written content, this is a suggestion I would recommend for her future posts. 

Overall, I enjoyed Hannah’s website. I liked the simplicity of her website, the minimalist layout, and the neutral colour theme. I cannot wait to see her future posts and content!

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