Peer Review 2

Like the last review for our PUB 201 course, we were asked to “ a review of what the articulated “professional self” is and whether the materials on the site reflect that “self” of a new peer’s website. 

This week, I was tasked to take a look at Bianca’s website: Above&Byonkers


To start, I was immediately impressed by the fantastic layout of her homepage. It is not only eye-catching and cohesive in terms of her brand’s colour palette, but it is also easy to navigate, leaving a good user experience. The carousel of her recent and featured posts is the highlight of the homepage, allowing for her audience to be up to date in her latest posts on books and writings. 

Bianca’s website is a personal blog to showcase her love and passion for all things books and writing. Her background and upbringing is mentioned on her “About” page which allows her audience to know her credibility and experience in the area. As a local of Vancouver, her readers and patrons will be able to trust her opinions and knowledge in all the right bookish spots in the city. Bianca was able to effectively connect with her audience, or “tribe” for that matter, as she focuses on a niche and a community with an identity close to her. 

Moving on to her writings, I appreciate how personal her posts and voice in writing are. It gives the reader a sense of a warmer tone, which is how one would feel in a bookstore. The tone is appropriate not only for her readers but also for the topic of her writings. It sets the tone and the branding of her personal blog even further. With that being said, the social media accounts linked on her website are her personal accounts. As a reader, I would love to see Bianca expand her brand by creating professional social media accounts tied to her blog. Perhaps a podcast, or maybe a Twitter account specifically for posting short quotes every day from her current favourite books. A prospective patron may be encouraged to support her through social networking, expanding her audience. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Bianca’s website. I liked her personal touch on every writing as well as the small details on her website such as the time it takes to read her posts. The user experience is exceptional and I would not hesitate to go back.

Thank you, Bianca! 🙂

Link to Above&Byonkers

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